Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Mom would really like to understand how Sandra could not have known about SCHMUCK Jesse James' fetishes and racist proclivities. How can you not be aware of your husband's moral [or lack of] core?
A film by Jill Abrams.

Youtube sensation Miss Lola Rose, "Mom of 2 gay kids" is back at it, pulverizing pop culture in a way only she can. Every scandal from Sandra Bullock to Charlie Sheen gets a beating. Mom takes on cheaters and schmucks including the Jersey Shore cast, Kate Gosselin, Tiger Woods and many more...

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I received this note on my facebook today by a brilliant writer named Bianca SunshYne Papas.

SANDRA BULLOCK WAS NOT AS INNOCENT AS MOST PEOPLE WANT TO BELIEVE. There is just no way she didn't know her husband was (at least) curious about Nazi thinking, design, memorabilia, costume etc... and, (at worst) a full out anti-semite and racist. Jesse James has long co-opted and (very openly) used symbols closely associated with the Holocaust and hate filled attitudes - like the German Iron Cross logo that's on everything West Coast Choppers makes and sells (copy link for image)

That doesn't necessarily mean she approved of or agreed with any of it... all it means is that she KNEW and ACCEPTED it. Do I think the fact that she's German would make her more tolerant of this behavior? YES! Yes, I do. Would I feel differently if her ancestors were German JEWS? Yes. I would. Sandra Bullock's maternal grandfather was a rocket scientist from Nuremberg, Germany where Bullock lived until age twelve. Could a brilliant man, in his field, from that generation, have had Nazi ties? Sympathy for the cause? YES. Am I sure that he did? No. But the chances are very good and ANYONE who thinks otherwise is CRAZY!!!!

I don't believe Sandra Bullock is a secret Nazi, I think she had a husband with MANY disgusting proclivities (ie: that ugly SKELL "bombshell *vomit* mcgee) and that she turned a blind eye. Frankly, considering his numerous affairs (that I suspect she also knew some of) she probably thought his penchant for swastikas and such wasn't really hurting anybody blah blah blah. Lots of people accept things they don't agree with for the sake of the person they love. Lots of people compromise their own thinking and values because they're needly, or lonely, or convinced that they'll change. A pig is a pig, though, no matter how you might drape him in pearls. It's an unfortunate reality that people like Jesse James exist. It is equally unfortunate that people like Sandra Bullock, with all the power, fame and money in the world, are susceptable to their manipulation and ulterior motives. Sad.