Saturday, February 9, 2008


This was the very first video Mom and I did together for youtube and it elicited lots of attention and new fans. We have been contacted by Network Television a handful of times and we're considering several possibilities although admittedly we're not terribly ambitious about it. Answering to no one allows us to be as irreverant as we please. As I posted on youtube, Mom and I don't necessarily share identical views but her opinionated judgments are too hilarious to forgo.


To preview my book -

One month after moving to Los Angeles from NYC, Jill landed an unimaginable position working for Barbra Streisand. This colitis inducing, yet life-enhancing experience was enough of a resume punch to assist her gradual ascension up the Hollywood ranks. Historic civil rights activist and former CNN entertainment journalist, Jill Abrams has drafted a humorous and revealing portrait of one woman's odyssey through the complex and often times baffling world of Show Business. From a rare behind the scenes glimpse into the lives of some of the Industry'smost revered stars, comes an intimate collection of short stories, told from an unapologetically candid gay Jewish East coast perspective.

Part professional survival guide, pure amusement as she uncovers the comical truth behind the Hollywood facades and shares the crucial lessons one should know when breaking through the bottom, without the help of A-list connections or a D-size rack. Jill's greatest shock in life was that college didn't prepare her for it. Sure, she was qualified to work at a Nevada Brothel or Melrose Headshop, she was quite gifted, but she wanted more. Off to NYC with BS degree in hand, she spent her gay twenties trying to apply it. Stumbling through the process of elimination, she finally discovered her artistic passion in documentary film production.

She earned her stripes assisting NYC's finest Producers and Directors and at twenty-eight she moved to Hollywood where her wildest dreams quickly unfolded. From her first stint working for Barbra Streisand to interviewing celebrities for CNN Showbiz Today, she paid her humble dues and now comically shares the gritty truth in her new book The Myth, The Muse, The Meshuga. The roller coaster ride from the bottom on up proved both rewarding and painful, a fascinating and funny journey well worth the read.