Monday, April 14, 2008


I am so proud of my beloved mother. She finally came out of the closet about her two gay children, and did so beautifully!

It's been a little over 2 weeks and this video has 130,000 hits and top HONORS on YOUTUBE in Education this month. The comments have been ceaseless, both supportive and evil. Most interesting to me are the gay people who write in angrily "what's the big deal?" These are clearly young kids who are now benefiting from the painful efforts and ultimate success of the gay civil rights movement. However, what has not changed is the abuse little boys experience if it is detected by their peers that they are gay, or feminine.

Both of my parents saw my brother's gayness by 5 years old. They said that he was not social with other boys, in fact he was extremely uncomfortable in their presence because he had little interest in sports. From the film we made, I can clearly see his feminine gestures and my tomboyish attributes. I loved playing with his Matchbox cars and he enjoyed rummaging through Mom's closet, donning her clothes and running around with scarves exclaiming he was Madame Butterfly.

I was falling for women by the age of 4 at day camp but didn't communicate these controversial feelings until 8.5 as mom professes. My heart would swell and bang against my chest in their presence. My brother however, he kept his emotions bottled up and it wasn't discovered until he was much older. I do wonder if my mother had sat him down and asked him direct questions if he would have divulged his secret feelings. Then she could have developed his creative side, exercised his talents, not berate his inadaquacies. She is awfully sorry for not doing this.

When you're not what is considered "the norm" it can be a scary prospect in American society, especially because religion teaches to hate this attribute.

Sometimes I hear people mention "choice" when explaining homo- sexuality, and unfortunately it isn't a choice, or most of us would have gone the easy route. Your body/groins, heart, brain... craves the same gender. It's not intellectual, it's visceral. It's not a preference as some people say, it's an orientation, a character trait perhaps. It is the truth of my being, my calling, my greatest desire. This is not a habit or disease that can be treated, it is a beautiful [hot] diversion of humanity, making this flatlined world a more colorful place.

Kids are so advanced today, if asked they will probably give you answers that may surprise you. But I would definitely provide gay boys with self-defense classes, karate or some discipline like this. It will give him confidence, coordination and a way to defend himself if need be.

We will always be a minority and a threat to religion or "manhood" and this is NOT an easy path, but at least now it is exposed on reality shows and Network TV and it's not the big dirty little secret as it once was. I hope the video helps open minds and hearts.