Friday, June 27, 2008



This touching letter I received today says it best:

Lolarose, Jill:

If you only knew how far your voice would be heard, and how much it would express by doing as little as sitting in front of the camera while Jill filmed you (and juxtaposed you with images of home movies). I saw your video thanks to Gay Carrington (well, the lovely person behind the puppet) and Gina. Never had I seen so much unity even in less involved people; there are loads of male friends of mine who don't have youtube accounts but went to Jill's blogspot and were in shock and later, fury at what had happened. Because even though one could say, "Eh, it's a video, big deal," SILENCE EQUALS DEATH.

And none of us can afford at this time and place such a luxury.

Needless to say, the video has been sent to as many people in mass emails---it needs to become a meme, duplicated until it's being recited.

I sent this video to my Mom the other night. She was in tears---for years, even until recently, she had wondered if perhaps this was genetic, or some freak of nature, me being gay. Of course she wants me to be happy and is highly critical of guys I meet (oh ironies!) but for years she'd put my success in a male-dominant field such as Law Enforcement in lieu of "why are you gay?" NOW she understands---mainly, that there is nothing to understand... just accept, and love above all.

And for this I want to thank you, even though I am a stranger to you. The Internet, while it can harbour places of extreme hate, can also produce these small miracles which become avalanches. I'm glad the ball has begun to roll with you and Jill.

Sincerely yours
Ivan Vargas
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